“... I think the idea to call me Luca was of my mother. In fact she didn’t know I was  “Morgan” neither did I until the day Gabriella, an Italian writer from Brianza spent a week holiday at Sunrise Club...”

It was the end of 1993 when Luca Giannone took the decision to leave Milano, town of joy and sufferance for a life limited by pollution, daily routine and predominance of grey skies. Jamaica was already a dream at school; it was the wish for freedom and nonconformity.

... when I left I decided, the 
Caribbean Islands were my destination; I had already visited Jamaica twice on vacation, in love, but, what to do in Jamaica? Therefore I flew to Caracas to reach Trinidad and Tobago

Tobago was the dream, an adventurous life dream, with geese singing at night and the emotion of nature, of perfumes and colors, of torrid heat on skin…

In Tobago Luca spent two months. Then he embarked at Port-of-Spain on a merchant boat with some cabins that weekly travel between Trinidad, Grenada, St. Vincent and Barbados, to reach Santa Lucia, the bigger of the Minor Antilles. The desire to acknowledge the sea, its rules and the interior passion for sailing boat took Luca to live north of Castries, the capital, on the hill above Rodney-bay Marina, reputed one safe harbour for yacht and sailing boats.

... the sea was waved and approaching  Saint Lucia leaving behind the other islands and two days of navigation, was giving me a sort of uneasiness, especially at the view of the Pitons, two ancient volcanoes that rise from the sea as they are devil’s horns. It was the true pirate island that of adventure books and movies, the skull island, the treasure Island with waves crushing the cliffs...

After almost five month in Saint Lucia, Luca meets Ted, a scuba diver instructor from Texas who offers him a ride to Saint Marten with his sail boat. Luca crown his dream, he find himself driving a splendid double-must in Kevlar, alone with the sea, the stars and the adrenaline running with the wind…

... it was about eleven when Ted set me driving to go to sleep, at night on a boat you are on a shift, but it was only few hours since we sail from Saint Lucia, I, alone with the infinite, with the power of the sea, without experience ......

Saint Martin’s chapter is with no doubt the most serene; work, home, friends, movement, and freedom. A sequence of events, characters and situations. Ten months of sweet life and harmony. Saint Martin, half French and half Dutch Antilles, by right top duty free island, with twelve casinos, up-to-date restaurant a la mode and high-class boutiques.
But nature’s call is stronger than a gracious living and Luca decide to leave again and look after a next sailing ride. This time lane:  Jamaica!

... with Brian has been like living in a movie and all the coincidences that up to now did assist me,  still kept amazing me. I decided in January to go in may to 
Jamaica on a sail boat and here’s this Brian who sails from the Canary Islands to come to Saint Martin to load me to go to Jamaica. And I, all I did was three days before setting signs in the various marinas of the island looking for a ride when the phone ring... “Hi, my name is Brian M. and I’m going to Jamaica... We can meet tomorrow morning 10 o’clock...” - “OK...” 
Next stage, Jamaica!!

It was June 6th 1995 when Luca lands at Montego-bay airport. 
The sailing adventure ended in the Dominican Republic, after almost two weeks of sailing, Virgin Islands, Tortola, Virgin Gorda, moor at Samoa Isle in the Dominican Republic and the “parking” under the bridge at la Romana and, Brian’s depression.

...end of the dream, unloaded in 
Dominican Republic, only thing left to do, catch a plane...

Luca start immediately to work in Negril, cooking Italian at DeBuss, historical place now renewed and known as BourbonBeach.
Then he dedicates himself to tours and accommodations for tourists alternating the restaurant business to that of Tour Operator until a serious accident in January 1999.

... a truck... a wheel, semi-unconscious I think, only a wheel that come off a truck... a chance out of a million... , I wake up while the doctor is stitching my forehead... and Isabella... Sometimes destiny shows us the path in weird ways and when we are tight to hear, it knocks louder.
I drive motorbikes since I’m fourteen and this was my first accident.

My bike here, a 1982 Yamaha custom 550 cc four time engine, sure that, thinking of it now it had a shivery plate, 6666E, and the day, 11-1-1999 and the place, on a very long and straight road in front of “Rose Hall Great House” known as “the witch’s house” just before Montego-bay, and a twelve wheels truck coming from the opposite direction, a wheel badly tightened that came off and jump and hit me like a bowling ball the last skittle...


“... Gabriella approaches the counter and stares at me straight in my eyes. I start question her about breakfast but she, like she never heard...
Luca, YOU in another life were Morgan, the pirate and Mary (an Italian that was helping me at the bar), was working for you and got you merchandises and slaves.
One day she let you down making you loose bags of money, now in this life she find herself working for you again to purify her past karma……………………………………………aah! 

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